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Perching/climbing Dromaes

I was wondering if there is any evidence that Dromaeosaurs (Did I get 
that right?-as in Deinonychus,Velociraptor, Dromaeosaurus,etc) could 
perch like birds? Are there any images of this on the 'net? Also, If It 
used it's hind claws to help climb, or possibly anchor it to the tree, 
couldn't it dig in with it's foreclaws and pull itself up, like dig one 
'hand' on iether side of the tree trunk and dig/push down and then bring 
up a hind foot, dig in, bring up the other hind foot, dig in, scootch 
(Does what I said make sense? I'm trying to describe my idea in a way 
that makes...sense).
 I don't know how efficiant this behavior would be....or how possible it 
would be, but it sounds...possible to me.
"Doobie Doobie Dooooo"

Jessica Wagar
Amateur Paleontologist

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