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Re: Alxasaurus Whoops/Clarification

Larry Dunn wrote:

<Should have mentioned that I realize that Alxasaurus was described in
1993 in the Canadian Journal of Earth Science. What I meant to ask was
whether that description is still in good standing and if not (as some
have said) what the problems with the Russell/Dong description are.>

  Not as clearly illustrated as it should have been, in my opinion:
something more three-dimensional. Pedal elements (especially the
metatarsus) need to be better demonstrated, perhaps in a future paper.

  The analysis of function of the parts could have gone better, but I
notice this in a few Dale Russell papers. (No! Don't hit me! I like
the man, really, I do!).

  There are two distinct  bones in the "semi-lunate" complex, not a
true s-l, but shape somewhat like that in troodontids (quashed, more
rectangular than hemispherical. I don't have a lot of problems with
it, though.

  As for *Pelecanimimus*, as the authors state within, more of it
needs to be prepared before an osteology can be performed, which would
be great, especially the head. Hopefully, this'll be soon.

Jaime A. Headden

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