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On Fri, 11 Dec 1998, Stewart, Dwight wrote:

>          Oh!  That was the Animal Channel (I think) & I believe the
> erstwhile ranger
>       was "The Crocodile Hunter"!  I saw that episode, he leapt over that
> fence as
>       though pursued by a demon! :-)  And, he pretty much was!  It made me
> think
>       of Dromaeosaurs when I saw it, even though I realize the analogy is
> pretty
>       speculative.
>          But, I thought that ostriches could be potentially deadly too,
> though more
>       from kicking with those long, powerful legs.  But, then again, their
> environment
>       is totally different from the cassowary.  

Emus also can cause problems, though I've petted them in the Healesville
Sanctuary (Melbourne).  Anecdotes I've heard suggest the cassowary
is more aggressive (I remember another show with a slightly more wary
Richard Attenborough talking _very_ quietly near a cassowary--he was far
more nervous than when he was in pit of rattle snakes!).  I think I can
more easily imagine a Tonight Show appearance by an emu than a cassowary.
But I would be more likely to tune in for the latter.