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Re: Climbing dromaeosaurs?

At 02:01 PM 12/11/98 -0800, William Monteleone wrote:
>In fact dromaeosaurs do have rather large sickle shaped claws on their
>hands. Those claws are smaller than the largest pes claw, but they are
>still incredibly large for the size of the animal.

Quite - and many climbers use hands and feet to climb.
>Also, when humans climb trees or telephone poles we strap on cleats with
>a single large spike on the inside of our foot. Hmm, that #II claw
>doesn't seem like a bad idea after all. There was an article in Science
>two or three years ago correlating pes claw curvature with perching
>behaviour in extant birds and -Archaeopteryx-. I wonder how the various
>dromaeosaurs would fit in the analysis.

I do not think this is really relevant, as it is about *perching*, which is
quite different mechanically than climbing.  Most birds, except those that
feed on tree trunks, do NOT climb, they don't need to, they can just fly to
the branch.  One really wants to compare claw structure to real climbers.

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