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An announcement: Xenorobotics

I'm letting you guys know this: I'm opening my own dinosaur/mythological
animals/robotics club to the internet, it's called Xenorobotics.

What it entails is building robotic versions of dinosaurs, dragons,
gryphons, etc., for other members of, and general use by, the club, and
for use and loan to others. The robots, which are nicknamed Xenobots,
will be combinations of aesthetic robot mechanics, animatronics,
ornithoptics(the flight of a machine by flapping wings), AI, and R/C

I have a few rules to prevent general havoc:
    No Human-bots.
    No robots larger that a human equipped with self-reliant AI, must
have either R/C controls, or an internal driver.
    No one claiming that any specific xenobot belongs to only that
person, all bots belong to the whole group, the people who build it just
have more rule over what happens to it, but they also have to store the
robot themselves.

I also have some good things I hope to implement:
    Yes, each member will have a specific xenobot they associate with,
update, and repair.
    Yes, this also means that each might eventually have an infant
xenobot to look after, possibly, when skills get good enough, they might
become something more like pets, especially since the animatronic SFX
skins will make them look much more cuddly.
    Yes, I do intend to eventually, if all goes well, and the general
public likes it well enough, possibly make the club into a small, or
large, as the case may be, company, in which all members will become the
company council, deciding what goes on.

You should also know this: I'm only 15, but I will remain the head of
the club, and I intend to follow this through anything.
And, each person should contribute what they can in the way of money,
not so much that it places each into debt, but that we can continue to
build more xenobots, or at least improve what we have.

Ok, you probably want to know why each group is listed, well, here's

dinosaur@usc.edu, dinosaur mailing list, those on there can provide a
great deal of accuracy and update information on dinosaurs, as well as
giving asthetics info on saurian dragons, because you know the area so

Alt.Fan.Dragons, AFD You people have excellent knoledge of dragons,
dragon types, and(once the AI is in place) possible behaviors for the
dragons, and, also, wouldn't it be cool to have a pet dragon that could
ride around on your shoulder, that could actually fly?

Alt.Mythology.Mythic-Animals, AMMA You guys have extensive knoledge of
all sorts of mythos creatures, I would love your contribution. Also, two
things, one, similar to the AFD one, Wouldn't it be cool to have a
little creature to follow you around, or sit on your shoulder? And, two,
Wouldn't it be great to ride a unicorn, train a yound pegasus, and many
more great things?

Alt.Mythology.Mythic-Animals.Gryphons Gryphons are one of my favorite
mythological creatures, and I constantly dream up things about a robot
gryphon, how to make it do all sorts of interesting things, how haveing
a cute little hatchling ride on my shoulder would feel, watching it leap
off and fly around a bit, all of it incredible. You guys are the
experts, you could make it look like anything you wanted. Wanna try?

Comp.Robotics.Research, Comp.Robotics.Misc You have experiece where many
in the other groups don't, puting the drawing to real life, helping to
design the robotic forms, actually being the creators of the AI, where
the dinosaurs, dragons, monsters, etc all come to life. Wouldn't you
feel proud at having made many other people happy, and being happy
yourself, having your own little xenobot.

The reason I'm telling why your groups should join is because, well, I
don't want this to seem like a bunch of spam. It isn't. It's a highly
relevant topic, which some, if not most, of you should find interest in.

Also, here's a list of several good things at having a xenobot over a
real pet. I'm not trying to say that they're better, it would take us a
long time to get the life, love, and care from a robot that we get from
a real animal, but, there are other advantages(this is a bad attempt at
a spoof list):

1. You'll never have to paper, box, or lawn-train a Xenobot.
2. If little Botty(?) messed something up, reprogram it!
3. They don't eat a thing, besides batteries.
4. They live forever, at least until they break down.
5. Have no life? Great! Play with it all day!
6. Have a life? Great! You can shut it down, no need to worry about it
messing your home up while you're gone!
7. Getting bored that your bot's too dumb? Upgrade!
8. If it get's hurt, you never have to take it to the vet, just pull out
the toolbox!

Ok, that's all I can think of at the moment. Reply to this by mail, go
ahead and send it to the lists, but I don't always check them. Also, if
you wan to join, and have a site with a lot of room, or even your own
domain, feel free to suggest being the club webmaster. Once I get some
replies, I'll send out messages as to when online meetings should be.
They will be on IRC, as I'm not on AOL, and it's the most widely used
chat medium I can access.

Thanks for all your time, as this is a much more lengthy message that I
had intended.
Leonidus A.K. Giganotosaurus
Dinosaurium, Xenorobotics & NWP: