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Re: Vertebral spines on sauropods...

Truett Garner wrote:

<Does Dicraeosaurus have the potential for having two, low sail-like
structures down the neck and trunk, or one ridge with a shallow trough
between the tips of the elongated spines? If the former, then I would
argue for a pair of fins, per George's statement.>

  The ends of the spines on *Dicraeosaurus* are broad
anteroposteriorly (front-to-back) and as such suggest the support of a
tendon or ligament from the top to proceeding or succeeding spine.
This suggests muscles between them, and that discounts a fin. The
single tendon as in brachiosaurs, titanosaurs, and basal sauropods
would likely split in the diplodocoid lineage, but as I do not know
the morphology of the axials (where the ligament/tendons would
originate, in reference to *Amargasaurus'* single axial spine) in
these saruopod to any real good degree, I can't say for certain. I
don't even know if *Dicraeosaurus* had an axial preserved! Anyone?

Jaime A. Headden

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