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Re: Climbing Dromies

Enough other people have mentioned leopards by now so I don't need to go
on about them except to say that in the cat family some are climbers,
and some are not. Cat claws didn't evolve for the purpose of climbing,
but sometimes they are used that way. With the exception of Cheetahs
which are pretty ground based, it isn't usually obvious from the
skeletal details which ones like the trees.

Dromies enjoyed a long tenure on this planet with many different
species, and in many different environments, sandy deserts, swampy
marshes, conifer forests, and probably rain forests. During that time
some of them may have been happy little climbers.

Also after seeing so many renditions of dromaeosaurs climbing onto
tenontosaurs, and iguanodons with great ease and gusto is it so hard to
imagine that they could also climb a tree trunk?

One last thought, peacocks love to roost in trees at night. Otherwise
their lifestyle is cursorial, with blunt claws on the feet from running
around all day. Roosting keeps them away from predators, and gives the
males room to hang those ridiculously long tails. Some of the dromies
may have done the same.

William Monteleone