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Re: Climbing Dromies

Leopards climb trees because they store food in trees away from other
predators that are not as good at climbing trees (lions are much heavier
than leopards and hyenas and jackals are not built for tree climbing). 
Jaguars (also fairly large cats) will hunt within tree cover and at
varying hieghts.  AFAIK all cats will sleep in any elevated nook they
can reach that can hold them-tigers included. 

-Betty Cunningham

Joseph C. Daniel wrote:
>  While not advcating the idea of tree climbing dromeosaurs, there are othr
> reasons for climbing than hunting for prey in the trees. Climbing up into the
> trees is a useful way to get some sleep or eat your food in peace without
> having to worry about other predators in the neighborhood. This is primarily
> what leopards climb for, I believe. They are well known for dragging sizable
> prey into the trees with them so they don't have to worry about sharing and
> can enjoy a nice meal in peace. They can also use it as a jumping off platform
> onto prey in which the claws would be in perfect position for the claw to do
> serious damage on whatever they landed on.