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RE: Climbing Dromaeosaurs

I was kind of wondering that myself, unless they just jump or else
habitually climb trees that will eventually bend down to ground level
when the weight of the animal climbing too high causes the tree to bend
(ie. small trees).  I have a coyote hybrid that occasionally climbs
trees, but she never climbs more than 5-7 feet, and then just lets go
and falls out.  I haven't been able to discern any real reason for her
to do this other than psychosis.  There are no birds nesting in this
tree, so no food available.  

I was wondering how a dromaeosaur would get out, if not by jumping---I
can't imagine them climbing backwards down a tree or turning around and
coming down head first like a squirrel!

Lauri L. Bartlema
Curatorial Assistant
Conservation Division
Directorate of Environment
Fort Bliss, Texas

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> I was just thinking the same! On a related note, how do the earlier
> mentioned lions descend from the trees?-
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