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sauropod feet

With winter coming on (at least by the calendar if not the weather 
outside), we've closed down the digs on the Warm Springs Ranch and now are 
getting down to work in the paleo lab on the actual dinosaur bones we've 
brought down from the hill. Among the bones this year are what we believe 
to be the feet of our sauropods -- possibly diplodocid. We've been in touch 
with Jack McIntosh, and he concurs with us. But with so few (none, 
perhaps?) diplodocid feet having been uncovered, we all would like more 
1) Is anyone out there working on sauropod feet, particularly diplodocid? 
Or anyone who has worked on diplodocid appendages that might offer some 
direction/advice or information?
2) Does anyone know where such appendages may be stored away in other 
museums, where we might be able to see/photograph or call on museum experts 
to aid in identification?
3) Do you know of papers (perhaps obscure) that might shed some light on 
our identification and preparation?
Suggestions/leads very welcome. Thanks for your help!
Ellen Sue Blakey, The Wyoming Dinosaur Center, Thermopolis, WY