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Re: New Restorations of Interest

---Danvarner@aol.com wrote:
>   I thought I would direct you to the latest issue (No.33) of
> Times magazine for some interesting restorations of dinosaurs.
Included are
> photos (nearly microscopic) of the cooperative venture between Greg
Paul and
> Mike Morales of a sculpture of Brachiosaurus branchai.

It is spiny, I assume.  Boo.  But I'd still love to see it.  Where is
my PT?!?!

> Another fine piece on view in PT is a model of Velociraptor by Bruce
> which I'm sure will get the Von Sholly Good Housekeeping Seal of

A feathered velociraptor?  Von Sholly?  Based on a recent thread, I'm
not so sure about that!  It's a *really* nice model though and can be
seen on our own John Rafert's Dinosaur Art and Modeling site.  Pretty
affordable too as those things go.

>   I don't intend this as an ad for PT, just thought it would be a
nice change
> from civets, leopards, and the ever popular cheetah. 

Suh, with this giant extinct lizard nonsense you have gone wildly
off-topic on this, the Bird and African Mammal mailing list!  Quickly:
time him out!

And now for something completely different: A Scotsman on a horse.
(A Scotsman -- on an 'orse.)

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