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Dinosaur TV Week

Here are some highlights of U.S. national television programming
concerning dinosaurs, other prehistoric life and evolution, from high
art to low trash and back again, all times Eastern, as the good Lord
meant all times to be:

Wednesday, December 16

AMC, 6:00pm
When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth
Star crossed cave-lovers flee something.  A plesiosaur comes up on a
beach to get killed by some cave people.
Other things happen.

Saturday, December 19

TBS, 10:00am
National Geographic Explorer
Includes a segment called "Dinosaur Fever" and one called "Mystery of
the Neanderthals."

Sunday, December 20

TNT, 3:20am
Don't forget the exclamation point when filling out your Oscar
nomination card or your vote might get confused with just plain
Dinosaurus, another schlock dinosaur movie made in 1960.  (Actually,
this movie had enormous appeal for me as a young lad.  One of those
mysteries of life, kind of like the popularity of Adam Sandler -- just
makes you scratch your head.)

History Channel, 1:00pm
The Mighty Mississippi
"Born of the Ice Age"
Ice-age origins of the big river.

Discovery Channel, 4:00pm
Dinosaurs: Inside and Out
"And Then There Were None"
Dinosaurs all gone, as my 19 month-old son would observe.  But in his
case, he hasn't just stowed them in an obscure place, to turn up weeks
later.  They are *really* all gone.

I guess we have to wait 'til next week for that 2-hour, Bakker-free
special on the world of _Alioramus_.

And now for something completely different: A Scotsman on a horse.
(A Scotsman -- on an 'orse.)

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