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RE: Climbing Dromaeosaurs

Larry Febo wrote:

<Regular tree climbers such as squirrels, and I`m sure many lizards,
have the ability to descend head first, which no doubt has much to do
with the flexability of their ankles. So, for this reason, I can`t
really see Dromaeosaurs as being, or for that matter becoming arboreal.>

  Well, as George would say, they won't _become_ arborial, they _were_
or _are_ arboreal. I believe it, too, in a way (not a discredit,

  Anyway, think of how lions, leopards, jaguars, etc. (all of the
felines, actually) jump down; the larger cats can jump a distance down
from a tree, safely, of about three times their own body length. The
smaller cats even more. I don't know how _Dendrolagus_ (tree
kangaroos) does it, but I would assume that they might be able to
climb down in reverse (I've seen cats do this, we can, and gorillas

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