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Re: Vertebral spines on sauropods...

Dinogeorgeus wrote:

<This works fine for _Dicraeosaurus_, but _Amargasaurus_ is different.
Strongly doubt that _Dicraeosaurus_ had cervical fins, for reasons you
note; the vertebrae must have been buried in flesh. But in
_Amargasaurus_ the anterior cervicals have slender bifid neural spines
from fourth cervical back (third cervical has single tall spine, not
bifid; first and second cervicals are atlas and axis, and as I recall
cannot have tall neural spines),>

  From the figures in _Dinosaurs: the Encyclopedia_, the axis vertebra
does have a long single spine; I know it's the axis because there's a
small atlas right in front of it. I don't have the descriptive paper
yet, so I can't detirmine much else right now.

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