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Re: Climbing Dromies

I sent this offline, but seeing that the topic is active....

I'm not sure that leopards actively hunt in trees, do they? For sure
they store their kill in trees, relatively low down. So could dromies,
but clearly specialised claws are not needed for that, as the leopard
does not need them.

Chimps certainly hunt in groups in trees. Again they don't need special
tools to do that (other than the opposable thumb).

I find it difficult to imagine what such an animal with such a
formidable set of teeth and claws is doing in a tree. I suspect the
concept is actually a red herring.

cheers, martin

I'll go further.....given that the claw is a very specialised device;
given that successful modern tree-climbing animals with claws have not
needed to develop such a device, either for predation or escape
(admittedly dromies had longer to evolve), why should we infer that
dromies needed such a device to climb trees succesfully? 

Either they did not (ie the claw is for some other purpose), or there is
some unidentified food source in trees, so plentiful, so accessible,
(but needing a great deal of submission), and available over such a long
evolutionary period that they found it worthwhile to develop such a
device to get at them. 

I don't see it, somehow. 

But what do I know?

cheers, m