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Water, and Earth History (was Re: GRASS IN THE CRETACEOUS???)

At 08:49 AM 12/15/98 -0500, I wrote:

>In other words, the clade of grasses do appear in the Cretaceous, but these
>were originally limited to wet waters.

As opposed to the Cenozoic, when grasses colonized the abundant dry
waters... :-S


And, for a little information to justify the above, here is a new textbook
for those interested in Earth history:

Stanley, S.M.  1999.  Earth System History.  W.H. Freeman & Co.  615 pp.

This is an update of Stanley's Exploring Earth and Life Through Time, which
was a simplified version of his even earlier Earth and Life Through Time,
which featured many original pieces by our own Greg Paul.  (Still some Greg
Paul art in the latest version).

Written for an introductory historical geology course (like, for instance,
GEOL 102 Historical Geology, here at U Md, next semester...), it might serve
as a good reference for many people on this list.  Lots of color photos, and
very up-to-date (esp. with regards to new geochronological dates,
Precambrian geology and paleo, etc.).  Includes a CD-ROM (Windows '95 req.).

The older Scotese paleomaps have been replaced by the new color versions.  I
kind of miss the old two-tone ones, though: more diagrammatic, which
sometimes made them better teaching tools.

And don't step in any wet water today...

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