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Re: To climb or not to climb

Norm King wrote:

<The Mongolian Velociraptor fossilized while holding onto a
Protoceratops in position to be slashing at its underside confirms
that dromaeosaurs used their relatively long arms and well-clawed
fingers for grabbing prey and holding onto it.>

  Now, I would add a word of caution here: we're showing a prey-animal
lifestyle for *Protoceratops* in regards to *Velociraptor* preying on
it, and there is evidence to the contrary. Protoceratops are found
again and again around oviraptor nests, suggesting a predaceous habit
(egg-eating) such as is performed by some mammals (the coati, for
example); yeah, they look _something_ like warthogs, and I'd sure bet
you they acted like 'em, too, down to their nasty manners, but don't
put away the possibility that *Velociraptor* was defending a nest or
hatchlings from an overly aggressive proto.

  I'm getting down off my soapbox...

Jaime A. Headden

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