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CNN article on new Chinese dino-bird preserve

This is a custom news article-normally I would not include text in it's
entirety but in this case I though it was significant enough to warrant
an exception

China Establishes Bird Fossils Nature Reserve
Xinhua            17-DEC-98

SHENYANG (Dec. 17) XINHUA - The city of Beipiao in northeast China's
Liaoning Province has established a state-level bird fossils nature
reserve with approval of the State Council. 

As one of the country's 12 state-level nature reserves established this
year, the Beipiao Bird Fossils Nature Reserve is spread over three towns
with a total area of 46.3 square kilometers. 

The reserve is rich in bird fossils, and it includes the location where
the world-recognized bird-like dinosaur remains were recently

It is also the place where fossil remains of the world's oldest
flowering plants were discovered, as reported in a cover story in the
November issue of Science magazine in the United States. 

The nature reserve is also rich in the fossils of fish, insects and

Beipiao also plans to build a 3,500 square meter prehistoric-bird