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Protoceratops eggs and arboreal dromaeosaurids!

David Krentz <david_krentz@fa.disney.com> had asked about _Protoceratops_
eggs.  I responded that I thought that I had seen a clutch of them at the
NHMLAC (LA museum), but it appears that I had seen them at Dinofest 1998
(Philadelphia) as part of the Russian Dinosaur Exposition.  Just to prove
that I'm not seeing things (that aren't there), you, too, can see this nest
at the Russian Dino Expo site at
<http://mathematical.com/dinoprotoceratops.html>.  We may not be 100%
certain that the depicted eggs are _Protoceratops_, but it seems a good
guess for now (based on the accompanying text).  And no, they were not
_Oviraptor_ eggs; they were smaller and slimmer.  My notes read that the
eggs were extending out of the matrix no more than 3" (76mm), so scale the
eggs accordingly.   One question: is the clutch right-side up or upside
down as shown?

As reported earlier, the site has some cool pictures, although the text is
not completely accurate.

On the _Therizinosaurus_ page, there is a remark that a _Tyrannosaurus_
(_Tarbosaurus_) specimen was discovered with "the bones of a
Therizinosaurus" inside.  Which bones?  How big?  Were they chewed up?  It
doesn't say... 

There is also a small photo of a climbing specimen of _Deinonychus_ on the
index page (though I don't think it was found in this position in situ)!

-- Ralph Miller III     gbabcock@best.com