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Cretaceous Parrot

John V Jackson wrote:
> Oh, and there's a chap talking tomorow who says the Cretaceous parrot is
> wrong; it's only the later tertiary parrots it resembles, the earlier
> parrots were rather different.  It's internal canals resemble those of some
> parrots, but not others, and just because it doesn't exactly match the
> caenagnathids (oviraptor type stuff) we know of, that doesn't mean there
> weren't unknown ones it could have matched.  He also suggested that, though
> we have no reason to doubt its provenance, it had been dug up years ago and
> had been stored in a box marked "Lance formation", and of course, mistakes
> can happen...
        I find it rather disturbing that papers can get published in this 
day and age in our "best" journals with that sort of sketchy provenance data.

        I must admit, though, when I saw the damn thing, the firs thought 
that went through my mind was "hmmm...oviraptorid?"

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