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Dinosaur Genera List corrections #101

Dan Chure has written to inform me of the publication of a new theropod
dinosaur from France. This is one I'd known was coming for several months now;
glad to see it has arrived. Slightly edited excerpts from the press release

"Dubbed the _Variraptor_ after the southern Var department where the 
dinosaur's first remains were located in 1992, the flesh-eating dinosaur 
that both scavenged and killed is the seventh dinosaur species to be 
located in France.

"Its existence and characteristics are outlined by paleontologists Jean Le 
Loeuff and Eric Buffetaut in the new _European Journal of Vertebrate 

"Le Loeuff and Buffetaut examined teeth and bones dug out by amateur 
paleontologists Patrick and Annie Mechin between 1992 and 1995 from parts 
of the Var. Because of the initial work of the Mechin couple, the full 
name given to the new species is _Variraptor mechinorum_.

"The remains of raptor-class dinosaurs, which featured in Steven 
Spielberg's epic "Jurassic Park," have already been found in Asia and 

" 'A lover of carrion, Variraptor, which weighed around (110 lbs.) and was 
around (9 feet) tall, was also a predator,' said Le Loeuff. 'It 
caught its prey, generally lizards, birds, small mammals or baby 
dinosaurs of other species, with its powerful forearms and tore them 
apart with one of the claws in its feet.'

Accordingly, we add genus #843 to the Dinosaur Genera List:

Variraptor Le Loeuff & Buffetaut, 1998

I have not yet seen the paper, and I'm most interested in subscribing to the
new journal mentioned in the article(!).