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Dinosauricon Nominated!

I don't know if this is appropriate for the list or not, but what the
heck? -- I gotta toot my own horn for a bit.

THE DINOSAURICON (formerly The Dinosaur Web Pages) has been nominated by
Cool Site of the Day for the category of Best Reference Site of 1998! See
Cool Site of the Day's site at:


... or read about the award at:


... or skip directly to the Reference Site voting at:


Check out the four other sites, too -- they're pretty interesting. Voting
continues until January 7th. Oddly enough, people are allowed to vote once
every day -- strange rule, but ... 

I'd like to thank all participants to this list -- without the DML, my
site would be lacking in a lot of ways. Thanks to those who have helped me
directly and those whose posts and discussions have imparted information.

Happy Holidays--

--T. Mike Keesey                                   <tkeese1@gl.umbc.edu>
THE DINOSAURICON                http://www.gl.umbc.edu/~tkeese1/dinosaur