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Wealden Iguanodon species

Hello all,
actually I work on a complete description of the Iguanodon species found in
the Wealden Group, please there are someone that can tell me when I can
reper the description of this two Iguanodon species?
The only material that I have about Iguanodon Hollingtonensis is that it is
a gracile, long spined species, based on a number of specimens collected
from the lower part  of the Wealden. About  Iguanodon Dawsoni I say that is
a contemporary of I. Hollingtonensis but is more robust with short neural
spines and a distinctive form of its ilium.

By and thank you in advance
Alessandro Marisa
"Voluntary of Paleontology Group of Monfalcone"
Via Achille Grandi n°18
Tel: 039-0464-434658 Email: amaris@tin.it