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Opening January 15, 1999

Fellow Listmembers,
        It is my understanding that the Great Russian Dinosaur Exhibit will 
open at
the Crown Center in downtown Kansas City, Kansas, on January 15, 1999, and run
through April 11, 1999. This is a FREE exhibit, (NO ADMISSION CHARGE), as
advertisers are paying the fees. This is a breathtaking assemblage of
amphibians, reptiles, and dinosaurs, from the Permian through the Cretaceous,
some specimens are one of a kind, and many are type fossils. They are from
many areas of the world, and the preservation and preparation is excellent, as
most are the actual bones, not casts.  If you have the opportunity, it is well
worth the time to see. I had the privelege of working with and curating this
exhibit at while it was in St. Louis, MO., and it is fantastic. 
        If anyone on the list is interested in booking this exhibit for a 12 
minimum, while it is in the US, please contact me directly for info. By
booking while it is already here, the shipping expenses can be avoided. 

Carl J. Cook, Curator
St. Louis Institute for Palentology SLIP