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Reptile Stuff

I'm surprised people are complaining about a committee making a slightly odd
decision.  OK, they've stuck a familiar name on a concept that doesn't quite
match its popular understanding - many would have preferred Reptilia to have
been all tetrapods that laid waterproof eggs on land (plus descendants).

I think it happened because they like to relate a clade to the best-known
examples, in this case extant ones.  Maybe it would have been better to have
included Mammals, though I suspect some "waterproof eggians" would still
have been left out, and anyway some people wouldn't like mammals included.

I might start worrying what they call the branches of the tree after they've
taken some of them off and stuck them back on again the right way!

>Maybe it's just my background in physics (which isn't much, being a
>class shy of a minor as an undergrad), but I've always found that
>momentum, mass, weight, inertia, and acceleration have been used in the
>same ways by both normal folks and physicists.

Much of the reason they may be now is that the scientific definitions have
sunk into the common perception (somewhat) over the years.