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Mighty Joe Young !

Before I get toasted to a cinder for being ' off-topic '  , let me state
that (1) This is a RKO picture (Original King Kong & Son of Kong way back
when ) and (2)Ray Harryhausen makes a cameo appearance ( Ray was an
apprentice to Willis O'Brien while animating the original ) . There , does
that qualify as being dinosaur related ?
Anyway , I saw a sneak-preview showing of ' MJY' tonight and IMHO ,it does
justice to the original ! This isn't a Lost World/Godzilla fiasco . I don't
know how they did Joe , but he was awesome . I pulled for the monkey for
the whole movie , the last 15min. even had an old cynic like me  ,
misty-eyed ! Go see it ! 
Regards and Happy Holidays to All !
Truett Garner