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Re: Dinosaur Genera List corrections #101

Hallo George,

First i like to wish you and your family a verry nice xmas time and a happy

Maybe i made a misinterpretation reading the DGLC 101 but do the authors
speek really about the seventh dinosaur species to be located in France? It
seems to me that such isn't right. I thought that at least 26 dinosaur
species (genera) were known from France of which 9 are carnivorous. So i
don't understand what they mean with that.

Can you help me out whith this one?

Thanks in advance

With regards
Fred Bervoets

>"Dubbed the _Variraptor_ after the southern Var department where the
>dinosaur's first remains were located in 1992, the flesh-eating dinosaur
>that both scavenged and killed is the seventh dinosaur species to be
>located in France.