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Re: Footprints; dinosaurs and human

This was an old Creationist canard from the 1930's that just refuses to die.
Let us set the record straight,  In a long set of three-toed theropod tracks
in the Glen Rose Deposits in Texas, the central digit sometimes sank into the
mud and was the only imprint left.  To some people with a sufficiently bent
imagination SOME of the tracks looked human.  Of course, the sets all started
or ended with three-toed theropod tracks so their origin was obvious.  Also,
the length of stride and general character of the tracks made it clear that
this was not human ambulation.  The situation was compounded by several
individual alleged specimens that were removed from the riverbed and CARVED to
resemble human tracks. There was a video done by Laurie Godfrey and Glen Kuban
debunking this made about 15 years ago.

As to the hammer, concretions are fairly common in geology and don't take long
to set up.  They can occur in strata that are dated from millions of years ago
which have been reworked with water.  Such paraconformities are easily
distinguished from true undisturbed fossils.  No one has ever found a
cretaceous hammer in undisturbed or unmodified prehistoric rock.