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Re: Mighty Joe Young !

On Sat, 19 Dec 1998, TRUETT GARNER wrote:
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> Anyway , I saw a sneak-preview showing of ' MJY' tonight and IMHO ,it does
> justice to the original ! This isn't a Lost World/Godzilla fiasco . I don't
> know how they did Joe , but he was awesome . I pulled for the monkey for

The Disney channel had a 1/2 hour thing on MJY (their Movie Surfer show,
or whatever it's called; the kids and cute graphics are near unbearable).

They built a full size animatronic Joe for some scenes. They also employed
<would have to rewind the tape to get his name>, a famous ape actor type
who did the man in the suit Joe. (He was picked for his knowledge of ape
mannerisms etc.) Consequently the set were scaled down in size for those

The bulk of the work, it's my understanding, was CGI.

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