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Re: Footprints; dinosaurs and human

---ArtSippo@aol.com wrote:
> resemble human tracks. There was a video done by Laurie Godfrey and
Glen Kuban
> debunking this made about 15 years ago.

For that matter, web-heads may want to look at Glen Kuban's marvelous
website discussing several instances of physical material being
incorrectly used to, shall we say, condence time-periods.  I wish I
had the url handy.  Maybe someone can provide it?

It's exhaustively documented and a good read.  I feel like an expert
now on the worthy topic of basking shark corpse decay, for instance.

We may want to simply look at that and avoid any further discussion of
creation science here.  Maybe Kuban's site would be a worthwhile
addition to the 'Administrativa' to head off discussions judged
inappropriate to the list?


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--Oliver Wendell Holmes


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