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Re: On Names and topicality...

In a message dated 12/20/98 5:31:41 PM Eastern Standard Time,
mrowe@indiana.edu writes:
>  Before I get into the things that will amuse, delight and infuriate
>  you, let me remind everyone that Creationism does not belong on this
>  list, and your breathing privileges can be revoked for ignoring that
>  ban.  (I hope I didn't amuse, delight or infuriate anyone yet).
Those shallow breathers may want to wait to exhale before posting
anything on human tracks, hammers or fingers found with dinosaurs.
This type of thing is _Creationism_ and is expressly forbidden by the rules 
of the list.  

The list is also insistent on using the proper scientific terms when
discussing dinosaurs.  It is not a newspaper that is written for an 8th
grade educated audience, nor is it Dinosaurs 101.   

For a better understanding of the dynamics and evolution of the Dinosaur 
List, new members are urged to read the archives, starting with the 1994 
posts.  List posters have changed quite a bit, but most timely happenings 
of dinosaurian note have been discussed in the four years that are available 
for review.
You'll be amused, delighted, infuriated and better dinosaur-educated.  
You will also learn that the Dinosaur List does not do people's homework.