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Re: On Names and topicality...

        Thank you Mary for stating your concerns for the list and how so many 
feel the list members are obliged to follow up, research, or provide easily
obtainable information that they themselves can and should find for
        I appreciate too, that we arent going into another several weeks of the
Dino/man track silliness again. 
        Although an amateur at paleo, I joined the list to follow professionals 
their ideas, and research, as well as to become aquainted with the many
professional and amateur people contributing to the list. I can and will
contribute information that is appropriate for the list, and appreciate all
that contribute the meaningful, and useful data, and ideas. I enjoy an
occasional joke or variance from the sometimes dry info that comes and goes
each day. However, I am getting more frustrated as it seems the worthwhile
useful info is getting less and less, as the "other" stuff is coming in
greater abundance. I would find it neat for the list to get back to the
current issues, ideas, and concepts of paleontology. Thanks for hearing me
out. Carl