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Darren Naish wrote:

>His words were..
>"[The discovery of _Deinonychus_ showed that bird ancestors were]
>cursorial, terrestrial animals - that's despite the attempts of Greg
>Paul and Sankar Chatterjee to put this thing in a tree"
>[audience laughs].

I suppose the 'this thing in a tree' part and the audience laughter are
related to the moment of showing a picture of Deinonychus, an obviously
cursorial animal.
As much as I enjoyed your post Darren, I think the gimmick was misleading.
Greg Paul and Sankar Chatterjee NEVER said that Deinonychus itself was
arboreal or a flier. That they discussed that 'maybe it could climb well'
or that its ancestors were flying or arboreal forms (that is, Deinonychus
ancestors as secondarily flightless creatures, with very specialized hands
among other things) is different.

>Trust me, I have a photographic memory.

Never ever doubt that!

Luis Rey

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