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Re: Ultraviolet vision

I *really* hate to do this, but I promise it will be my last comment
on the subject on this list.  If you want to know more, please contact
me and/or Jeff behind the scenes.  

Jeff Hecht <jhecht@world.std.com> comments on my previous message:

> I'm not sure how much further into the near ultraviolet reptilian
> eyes can see even with ultraviolet receptors because the lens,
> aqueous humor, and cornea absorb strongly in the near ultraviolet.

And I must say "no no no no no no no!!!!".  Humans are not good models
for other animals with respect to UV perception (and even humans can
see "UV" light if they've had their lenses removed -- Stark and Tan,
1982).  At the end of this message I'll include 1.5 buttloads of
references.  Jeff, I'm surprised that you would respond here without
having at least first looked at the Goldsmith article I cited in
support of the point at issue.

> I'm not an expert on color vision,

This is what I actually do for a living.  En garde!  Nevertheless,
what you wrote after that I won't quibble with.  As you implied,
"color" is best understood as a perceptual term.

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Mickey Rowe     (mrowe@indiana.edu)