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Re: various & sundry

Hi Guys,

I'm back on the list after a lengthy stay away so "hi" to all my old friends
and a Happy Solstice to all.

Tom, Tom, Tom! Fancy sticking this one up without comment:

>Markwick, P.J.  1998.  Crocodilian diversity in space and time: the role of
>climate in paleoecology and its implication for understanding K/T
>extinctions.  Paleobiology 24(4):470-497.

Chris and I are currently really peeved at this guy who appears to be a
compitent palaeoclimatologist but seems to know very little about the fossil
history or phylogenetics of crocodiles. In some ways this parallels the
problems that stems from lacks of understandings that arise out of the
"debate" some of you have been conducting on if dinosaurs are reptiles or
not. Essentially, if you do not have a logically falsifiable phylogeny for a
group of animals, then you do not have a logical framework for investigating
their palaeobiology. 

So, incase any of you want to run out and get this paper as the latest
example of fossil croc research, hold your horses and have a beer instead.



Dr Paul M.A.Willis
Science Broadcaster and Palaeontological Consultant
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