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Re: Pronunciation, humor and Deinonychus

In a message dated 12/21/98 4:36:31 PM EST, Chapman.Ralph@NMNH.SI.EDU writes:

<< So GSP does this but I have never really seen George's views on this
subject cohesively put in the literature. >>

Well, both editions of Mesozoic Meanderings #2 (1991 and 1992) are long sold
out and I'm working on a third edition now. Heaven knows when it will be
ready, since there has been a virtual revolution in dinosaur systematics and
in dinosaur-bird relationships since 1992, and I have much rewriting to do.
Nobody pays for my time on this, which slows things down tremendously, as I've
noted before ad nauseam on this list. I'll have a shorter synopsis of BCF, if
it passes review of course, in a forthcoming paleo book.