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extinction by suffocation?!

Okie listmembers,
This weekend my mom's BF(boyfriend) told me he knew what killed the 
dinosaurs. Naturally I replied with,"OH yeah RIGHT! No one'll ever know 
for sure what killed the dinosaurs."
"They suffocated" he said.
"Oh yeah right!" I replied, while trying to get the remote from the 
forementioned BF of my mother.
"I saw it on TV," he continued. "There wasn't as much carbon dioxide 
back then, and because they didn't have diaphrams, the dinosaurs all 
suffocated to death".
"Um...ssssuuuuuuuuuuuuure....I said, not really believeing him, "And 
what about the birds?"I asked.
"Little birds and reptiles are small, They don't need as much oxygen as 
the bigger animals," The BF said.
"How do you know they didn't have diaphrams?" I asked him.
"Because of the bone structure" he replied.
Somewhat confused, and not believeing him, I have decided to go to the 
Is the Dinosaur extinction by suffocation a bunch of BS like it sounds 
like, or was it merely the fact that my mother's boyfriend said it that 
made it sound utterly unprofesional and like crap, or is there any 
actuall reason to believe it?
Did all dinosaurs Not have diaphrams? Is there any evidence for dinosaur 
And is this thing about
Oxygen levels being less now than there used to be in the jurassic, 
triassic & cretaceous periods? I think that's right but I'm not 
sure...(And did I spell Jurassic, triassic & cretaceous right?I haven't 
had to spell any of those words in months!!).
Anyway, please help me sort out the 'real' stuff from what my mom's 
boyfriend said.

Jessica Wagar
Amateur Paleontologist

Good friends are like good books;
Hard to find and worth keeping-JNW'98

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