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Hell Creek Crocs (was various and sundry)

---chris brochu <cbrochu@fmppr.fmnh.org> wrote on Hell Creek crocs:


> This third taxon was fairly small (2 m) at
> maturity, but the other two would have been "average-sized" crocs,
up to
> three meters in length.  


> and again we're talking about a 3 m
> animal.

> Roughly equivalent in size to
> their northern ecological counterparts, 
> Out east, (snip) None were giant.

What do croc workers think about why there was at least one giant croc
before but none in Hell Creek?  Did the dinosaur fauna change enough
to make life untenable for a giant croc like Phobo/Deinosuchus, or
were other changes responsible?


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