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Re: extinction by suffocation?!

On Tue, 22 Dec 1998 Ccookk@aol.com wrote:
>       I just happened to see a partial of what you are talking about. 
> Evidently
> some gas trapped in amber was analyzed to be approximately 35% oxygen. This
> was from the time of the dino's, Jurassic I beleive. So the theory goes that

I saw most of this, and I'm pretty sure they said cretaceous. (Oh dear...)

> [...]
>       I can see how some of this may be viable as a concept, but really need 
> to get
> more info on this. One thing is may explain, is how the large sauropods were
> able to get enought oxygen through those large necks. A greater percent of

I've been curious whether or not any absorption through the skin was
possible (I doubt it, tho).

> [...]