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Dinosaur Genera List corrections #102

The following e-mail prompted me to do a little web surfing, and I now have
the published reference for Lourinhasaurus, a new genus for the previously
named species Apatosaurus alenquerensis:

In a message dated 12/21/98 10:47:10 AM EST, mcachao@fc.ul.pt writes:

<< Having received last "paleonet Dinosaur Genera List corrections #101" and
 since we have recently proposed (5th Portuguese Geological Congress, Nov
 98) a new genus of sauropod _Lourinhasaurus_ from the Portuguese Upper
 Jurassic (Lourinha Formation)
 (http://correio.cc.fc.ul.pt/~cmsilva/Lourinhasaurus.htm) we would like to
 know how to "enrole" it in the Dinosaur Genera List.
 Thank you very much in advance, 
 Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for all,
 Mario Cachao & Carlos M. Silva >>

Here is the reference:

Dantas, P., Sanz, J.L., Da Silva, C.M., Ortega, F., Dos Santos, V. F. &
Cachão, M., 1998. "Lourinhasaurus n. gen. Novo dinossáurio saurópode do
Jurássico superior (Kimeridgiano superior -Titoniano inferior) de Portugal,"
Actas V Congresso Nacional de Geologia, Lisboa. Comunicações do Instituto
Geológico e Mineiro, Lisboa, 84(1): A91-A94. (in Portuguese).

Accordingly, we add the genus

Lourinhasaurus Dantas, Sanz, Da Silva, Ortega, Dos Santos & Cachão, 1998

as number 844 in the Dinosaur Genera List.

The Web site features most if not all of the entire article, with