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At 05:19 PM 12/21/98 +0000, darren.naish@port.ac.uk wrote:
>Alan Gishlick (Yale) gave an excellent and very nicely illustrated 
>talk on the form and function of the hand in _Deinonychus_. Locking 
>mechanisms at the proximal ends of  the manual phalanges prevent 
>'upwards' bending (extension) of the dromaeosaurid digits, unlike in 
>other types of theropods, and when digit III is flexed it actually 
>rotates medially and approaches the thumb.

Hmm, this reminds me of some descriptions of the manus of _T. rex_.

Or am I projecting?

> *Maybe* the third digit 
>can therefore act as a ventral brace to the robust second digit, and 
>*maybe* this has something to do with the famous crossed digits of 
>some of the _Archaeopteryx_ specimens.

Seems likely.

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