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        I usually make an attempt at reading, or skimming submissions to the 
list as
Tony mentions in his letter. I find too that I am concerned about how little
regards is given at times to the "natural history" aspects of the creatures we
speak so freely about. I do care about how the creature fits into the
relationship or ancestry of other creatures, but I also care about how it
functioned on the day to day basis. As far as I am concerned ( as a serious
amatuer), no one part is more important than the whole picture. I have the
impression that most of the submissions to the list are legitimate,
informative, thought provoking. The intent of the majority of submitters is to
share appropriately, or to seek appropriately, the information we are
interested in. These are the reasons that I, and I would guess most of us,
subscribe in the first place. I would hope that the list can continue to be a
forum for all, professional or amateur, to provide information, to present new
concepts, to challenge ideas and old concepts, and most of all, to further
bring about a knowledge that all of the disciplines must work together, with
equal importance, to be able to gain the best understanding. I would like to
take this opportunity to thank all the persons associated with the list, in
whatever way, for taking the time to provide so much information, and making
the list such a great read. 
Thanks, Carl