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Champ,(our local sea monster)

Just heard on a local radio broadcast ,(don`t remember the station...out of
Burlington VT),  a proposed scientific reason for the alleged "Champ
sitings" over lake Champlain. It seems that on very windy days, where the
wind persists for a long period of time from a given direction,the surface
water, which is less dense, tends to get pushed up towards the "downwind"
shore, and the more dense water from below, migrates toward the "upwind"
side of the lake . When the wind subsides, these different water masses tend
to restore their normal equilibrium distribution, but in the process tend to
oscillate back and forth until equilibrium is reached, and this oscillation
(or "Seiche") causes currents on the lake bottom which tend to "free up"
debris such as tree branches, logs etc. , which might (at a distance) be
interpreted as living forms.

 The speaker, then mentioned his "relief" at this explaination, as he
couldn`t see how a "salt-water" pleisiosaur could`ve lived in a fresh water
lake anyways.

What I don`t understand is how can logs that were already dense enough to
sink could now be able to rise to the surface,....despite any oscillating
currents. They`re already denser than the densist water in the lake...no?

And what about these "salt-water" pleisiosaurs??? What would make them
exclusively salt water inhabitants? Dosen`t salt vs. freshwater have largely
to do with gill breathing mechanisms (which I assume were absent in