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Re: Champ,(our local sea monster)

---Larry Febo <larryf@capital.net> wrote:
> When the wind subsides, these different water masses tend
> to restore their normal equilibrium distribution, but in the process
tend to
> oscillate back and forth until equilibrium is reached, and this
> (or "Seiche") causes currents on the lake bottom which tend to "free
> debris such as tree branches, logs etc. , which might (at a
distance) be
> interpreted as living forms.

Discover Magazine ran an article on this not too long ago which
further elaborates.  Apparently the generated currents are quite
erratic and the dredged-up logs move back and forth in a manner most
people would not accociate with the activity of a current.  Rather,
the log convincingly moves around like a lifeform swimming.  

I'm glad the announcer was relieved.  This whole plesiosaur thing had
me on edge too.


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