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Re: Internet T. rex Auction

In a message dated 12/25/98 1:59:48 AM Eastern Standard Time,
Edels@email.msn.com writes:
>  Here is the URL of a quick story about the postponement ot an online 
> auction to sell a _T. rex_ fossil:
(URL deleted.)
>  (Note that this is not an endorsement of fossil sales - just a piece of
>  information that came my way).

Despite the disclaimer, this is still not allowed by the rules of the Dinosaur
] a) Attempting to use the list for advertising fossils

] The first such infraction is using the list as a means to aid in the selling
] or buying of fossils. All of us involved in list maintenance feel quite
] that the list's resources should not be used for that purpose. If you 
] advertise a fossil for sale (even if you're not the one who'll be collecting
] the money) you may be removed from the list without warning. If you pass 
] along a message that is not explicitly an advertisement but serves to 
] alert others of a location where an advertisement can be found -- even if 
] you're mentioning the advertisement only to lament its existence -- you 
] will be warned not to do so again. If you repeat such an infraction and I 
] have even the slightest suspicion that you did so in willful disregard of
]  the list's policies you will be permanently removed from the list.

As Mickey previously informed the list, I will be taking over as list
deputy during his absences, and his policies are my policies.  No 
references to fossil sales, no matter what the venue.

Dinolist Deputy on Duty