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Dinosaur Genera List Happy Holidays

Happy holidays and best wishes for the coming new year to everyone on my
Dinosaur Genera mailing list.

No new genera to add with this post, but I now have references for two new
species of Mamenchisaurus (and a third one, nomen nudum):

Mamenchisaurus anyuensis is described in this paper:

He X., Yang Z., Cai K., Li K. & Liu, 1996. "New find of Mamenchisaurus
(Sauropoda, Dinosauria)," in Geological Science Study Papers, China Economy
Press, Beijing: 83?86 [in Chinese, no English abstract, title translations
here by M. Tanimoto].

I still need the full name of the final author of the paper, which I can't
translate myself.

Mamenchisaurus jingyanensis is described in this paper, although it had
apparently been previously described in English in the Continental Jurassic
volume (Museum of Northern Arizona Bulletin #60; I now treat the name
published there as a nomen nudum):

Zhang Y., Li K. & Zeng Q., 1998. "A new species of sauropod dinosaur from the
Upper Jurassic of Sichuan Basin, China," Journal of Chengdu University of
Technology 25(1): 61?70 [January 1998; in Chinese with English abstract].

This paper also notes as in press the species Mamenchisaurus guangyuanensis.
Just to help keep all these species of Mamenchisaurus in order, here is my
current listing for the genus in the forthcoming Mesozoic Meanderings #2 third

Genus: Mamenchisaurus Young, 1954
  = Mamemchisaurus Zhao, 1983 [sic]
  = Mamenchiosaurus Dong, 1980 [sic]
  = Mamenchisacrus Yang X.-L. & Yang D.-H., 1987 [sic]
  = Mammenchisaurus Czerkas & Czerkas, 1990 [sic]
  = Manenchisaurus Young, 1954 [sic]
  = "Moshisaurus" Hisa, 1985 [nomen nudum]
  = Zigongosaurus Hou, Chao & Chu, 1976
  M. constructus Young, 1954?
  ?M. hochuanensis Young & Chao, 1972
    = Mamenchisaurus hochuanensis [Anonymous] 1965 [nomen nudum]
    = Mamemchisaurus hochuanensis Zhao, 1983 [sic]
    = Manenchisaurus hochuanensis You, 1988 [sic]
    = Mamenchisaurus hechuanensis Zhang & Chen, 1996 [sic]
    = Mamenchisaurus hochuaensis Dong & Azuma, 1996 [sic]
  ?M. fuxiensis (Hou, Chao & Chu, 1976) Zhang & Chen, 1996
    = Zigongosaurus fuxiensis Hou, Chao & Chu, 1976?
    = Omeisaurus fuxiensis (Hou, Chao & Chu, 1976) Dong, Zhou & Zhang, 1983
  ?M. sinocanadorum D. A. Russell & Zheng, 1994 (not 1993)
NOTE: The above three species of Mamenchisaurus could well belong to distinct
genera. The postcranial skeleton of Mamenchisaurus hochuanensis, reconstructed
by Young & Chao (1972), shows numerous differences from that of the type
species and resembles the known material of Mamenchisaurus sinocanadorum
closely. Synonymy of Zigongosaurus with Mamenchisaurus was proposed by Zhang &
Chen (1996) but is accepted here only provisionally.
  M. anyuensis He, Yang, Cai, Li & Liu, 1996
  M. youngi Pi, Ou & Ye, 1996
    = Mamenchisaurus yangi [Anonymous] 1993 [nomen nudum]
    = Mamenchisaurus youngsi Ou vide Zhang & Chen, 1996 [nomen nudum]
NOTE: The two latter species, neither described, are here treated as synonyms
of Mamenchisaurus youngi, since their species epithets seem to be merely
spelling variants of it. The first of these appeared in a faunal list in a
guidebook to the Zigong Museum published in 1993.
  M. jingyanensis Zhang, Li & Zeng, 1998
    = Mamenchisaurus jingyanensis Zhang & Li, 1996 [nomen nudum]
  M. guangyuanensis Zhang, Li & Zeng, 1998 [nomen nudum]
NOTE: Sauropod remains named "Moshisaurus," or "Moshi-ryu," by Hisa in an
illustrated dinosaur booklet, were referred to Mamenchisaurus sp. in The Age
of Dinosaurs in Japan and China (Dong, Hasegawa & Azuma, 1990) and by
Hasegawa, Manabe, Hanai, Kase & Oji (1991).

For those whose e-mail servers can transmit italics and boldface, the
boldfaced generic and species names and combinations above are the
taxonomically valid ones. The dagger symbol (?) denotes a type species of a
named genus.