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Dinosaur TV Week

Here are some highlights of U.S. national programming concerning
dinosaurs, other prehistoric animals and evolution, from high art to
low trash and back again, all times Eastern (check local listings to

Monday, December 28

FOX "Network", 8:00pm
World's Greatest Hoaxes: Secrets Finally Revealed
Includes Loch Ness coverage.  Finally, a prestigious journalistic
source looks into this issue.

Friday, January 1

This episode has one of those Friends characters dating a
"housekeeping-challenged" paleontologist.  Normally this is something
I would have skipped right over, but the paleontologist is played by,
get this, Rebecca Romijn.  

On a related note, I hear that Cindy Crawford is up for the part of
chemist and physicist Marie Curie.  Her test read:

Radium: "You can isolate me ANY DAY, babe!" 
Crawford: "Uh, OK."

Saturday, January 2

TRAVEL Channel, 9:00am
Travels with Mom
"Southern Alberta: Cowboys and Dinosaurs"
>From our friends at the TRAVEL channel.  Your move.

Dicovery Channel, 8:00pm
The River Dinosaur
Subtitle: "Hey, Where's Farid?"  When the locals take a dip, Nile
Crocodiles come a cruisin', wearing bibs and toting steak sauce. 

(Salties just get to gnaw on the occasional Aussie, suffering a
nearly-fatal alcohol poisoning in the process.  Well, even that's
better than the cuisine of the poor 'gator.  Blech.)

OK, OK, I realize that crocodiles are not dinosaurs, they're snakes or
something (heh heh).  But, well, based on the show's title, there may
be, uh, some discussion of archosaur phylogeny.

Saturday, January 2/Sunday, January 3
Dicovery Channel, midnight
The River Dinosaur

Sunday, January 3

TRAVEL Channel, 9:00pm
Includes some coverage of dinosaur eggs found there.

Well, to wrap up this last Dinosaur TV Week for 1998, I quote the King
of the Hatti Lands:

"UP THEN!  Let us fight, and let my lord, the Storm God, decide our

No particular relevance for the quote; I just like to work the
Hittites into conversation.


"In our youths, our hearts were touched with fire."
--Oliver Wendell Holmes


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