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Archive query

Since I only joined the list last month, I've been reading through the
archives before posting a query about some possibly stale topic. As you
know, however, the search engine crashed, and topics often branch far
from their thread titles. I'm researching the exact nature of the
Alvarez bolide (accepting the hypothesis, for the sake of the argument)
since recently there has been that claim to having found a fragment. It
seems that even between Alvarez's 1997 "T Rex and the Crater of Doom"
which scrupulously says "bolide", and Powell's 1998 "Night Comes to the
Cretaceous" a consensus began developing that the bolide was a
meteorite, not a comet; without any real discussion I'm aware of. Mary,
in an email, helpfully recalls a thread titled "No Bolides" but does
anyone remember more exactly where it was? And can anyone comment in
 Thanks and best to all,

George J. Leonard, Ph.D.
Professor of Interdisciplinary Humanities
San Francisco State University
530 Humanities Hall