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Christmas Presents...

Hey guess what?!
My mom finally got me the Prehistori Times for a Christmas present.
Today I got my first issue of it today (Dec/Jan 98/99) and noticed some 
familiar images/names...
-T. Garner's got his drawings all over page 28 (BTW, I think the 
velociraptor's very pretty)..
and I'm still leafing through it.There are so many things in this 
magazine that give me so many ideas for my drawings...and whoo-hoo...
I got 2 new sketchbooks, pencils & Blending sticks to draw my heart out 
I did not know there were so MANY dinosaur and paleo-artists out 
now all I have to do is wait for my december issue of national 
geographic, and then i'll be happy! Ha. :)
Are there any other Listees in this issue of the magazine?
This christmas was one of the best ever, even though I didn't get a lot 
of presents.
I hope everyone else had a good holliday

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