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Re: NoMeNcLaTuRe Question

Jessi (et al):

    The question you pose is of how simultaneous a find and/or a publication
is - and what is the outcome if the same animal is discovered at once.   The
order of the finding of the fossil probably does not matter (except to
perfectionists) - but the publication does.

    Whoever publishes first - the name they pick would be the name that is
kept as the animal's name [assuming that there are no other animals that
this one could be merged into, and assuming that the description of the
fossil is fairly complete, and that naming conventions are maintained, and
that the publication is the correct type of publication (i.e. Don't expect
to publish your new fossil name in the local newspaper - it doesn't count)].

    If both papers are _truly_ published on the same day and time, and meet
all the proper naming requirements, and propose different names for what is
essentially the same animal - then we have a little problem.  DinoGeorge
probably could give a good explanation of what would happen in this
situation.  (My quess is that someone would 'blink' - that is one of the two
groups would defer to the other).

        Allan Edels

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Subject: NoMeNcLaTuRe Question

>If one life form is given different names on the same day, what would be
>the propper name?
>let's say in wyoming in 2 different dig sites some people discover a new
>type of sauropod, but at bolth sites it's the same one...one group
>and the other names it something like
>If they both were published,etc on the same day...
>what would be the correct name?
>or how would the 'correct' name be decided?
>(Oh dontcha just like my madeup names,and aren't you glad no one gave a
>dinosaur those names...especially the 2nd!)
>Just curious...
>Jessica Wagar
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